Please rate the extent to which you agree with each of the following statements.

Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
Overall I feel comfortable using the thedesk.
I feel the website had the right amount of information to help me navigate it.
thedesk website is easy to use.
I trust the information on this website
I enjoyed using thedesk.
The WebPages are attractive.
The language used is easy to understand.
The language used in thedesk is non judgemental.
The overall design of this website appealing.
I need more reassurance that any information I entered would be secure.
The information on the website is well organised.
The content of thedesk is relevant to tertiary students.
The content of thedesk was useful to me.
I would use this website again if I needed help with time management.
I would use this website again if I had relationship issues.
I would use this website again to learn strategies to better manage stress.
I would use this website again to find out what was happening at my institution.
I would use this site again to participate in the Coffee House.
I will recommend thedesk to my friends.